Edith Snoek is from Gorinchem, Holland, works and lives in Alphen aan den Rijn

2003 from the Royal Academy of Fine Art in The Hague



 The artist finds her inspiration while strolling down the street, reading the newspaper by the existing sight of a picture, a movie, or on reading a poem. The verses of “Girls Playing”by the Dutch poet Willem Wilmink perfectly reflect the artist’s work and thinking. The autor speaks of a man with gloomy thoughts, who, on crossing a group of girls playing together, opens his eyes tot the beauty of the world ans finds faith in the future. Children are indeed the main characters in Edith’s work. She is constantly searching for her images in the media, deconstrucion in their faces and behouviour. Sometimes naive, sometimes vulnerable, these representations are, for her, a rear “bank of iconographic” data. Back in her studio, Edith takes us into a world of picturesque scenes, peaceful atmosphere and wilderness. Her world is full of children, deer, rabbits…. These beings are captured, still calm and quiet. They appear tot be wrapped in a ghostly mist. This blurring is deliberately accentuated by layers of acrylic paint, with whicht the artist covers sketches. She manipulates shades of white and has chosen to use clear colors to best express the purety and innocense. Besides the content Edith Snoek is also about artistic explorations. (In other words: what does paint? ). In her work transparency and layering impasto style of painting together promote in a composition. Texture, structure , the surface of the painting , sober tone , color reduction and blurring are of decisive importance in her work