* 1958 Gorinchem, Holland


1978 - 1983 teacher training Visual Arts

1998 - 2003 Royal Academy of Art in The Hague


Edith Snoek is working on various series. Especially known are her girls and young women. Vulnerability, beauty and alienation are her starting point. She often achieves this by painting several almost identical “portraits” side by side. The models are not real persons, but because of their way of painting they are abstract and universal. They seem hypothermic, in thought, dreamy, in themselves.

In addition to the substantive side, Edith is also interested in the painterly aspect within her work. She does not shy away from experimenting, paint is applied pasty but also or glazed in many layers. Cleaning, sanding, scraping and breaking are part of the process. Her color palette is almost always “ton sur ton” The series Women portraits originated next to the landscapes. The girls became young women, their skins a game of paint.